Arc Compound Athens Archery ELEVATE 2023

Athens Archery


Le ELEVATE de ATHENS ARCHERY est un arc à poulie de chasse compact ( ATA : 32" ), ultra comfortable avec les RTX cam 2, rapide avec 345 fps et hyper stable graçe aux branches large de 1".
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Every year we listen to what our customers want in a bow, and this year we did just that! Athens is proud to present the Elevate, taking your game to the next level. The 2023 Elevate features our new Low Profile molded grip providing additional comfort while maintaining the same grip profile that Athens is known for.  The RT-X cam system also gets an update with the Rev 2 module which features infinitely adjustable draw length and holding weight adjustments.  The draw stop is 55% larger providing an even firmer back wall and the let off is now adjustable from 70-90%.  The Elevate is our lightest riser to date and maximizes options with new mounting options such as the QAD Integrate dovetail mounting system to securely mount your rest and a Picatinny rail system for mounting your sight in-line reducing weight and providing better balance for your bow.

The 2023 Elevate also features our popular TCS (Tunable Cable System) roller guard, Limb-Lok pocket system, 1” wide split limbs and a past parallel limb design. The low-profile X-Out limb dampeners by Mountain View Products ensure the Elevate is quiet and virtually shock free. At 32” axle to axle, the new Elevate packs a punch for all-hunters with a combination of speed, stability, and overall performance.  The Elevate has IBO speeds up to 345 fps, draw length adjustments of 24.5” – 30.5” and weighs just 4.2 lbs.

Elevate Specs:

  • ATA:  32”
  • Brace Height: 6”
  • IBO:  Up To 345fps
  • Draw lengths from 24.5″-30.5” in half-inch increments
  • Draw weights from 40-70lbs (Including 65 lb peak weight options)
  • 70%-90% let off


  • NEW – Low Profile Molded Grip
  • NEW – Picatinny Rail Mounting System
  • NEW – Integrate Mounting System
  • NEW – RT-X Rotating Cam Rev 2
    • Infinitely adjustable draw length and holding weight
    • 55% increased surface area on draw stop resulting in an even firmer back wall
    • 70%-90% adjustable let off
  • TCS Tunable Cable System Roller Guard
  • Limb-Lok pocket system
  • 1″ split limbs for maximum stability & performance
  • Mountain View Products X-Out Limb Dampeners
  • Draw length adjustments without a bow press
  • New colors and Kolorfusion for maximum durability and camouflage quality

Color Options: Predator Brown Deception, Predator Green Deception (New), Athens Conifer Grey (New) Athens Autumn Blaze, Athens Spring Fever, Treezyn Early Seezyn, Treezyn Late Seezyn, Textured Black, Willow (New), Spanish Fly, Green Beret, Flat Dark Earth, Walnut (New), Pearl White, Monarch Orange, Mantis Green, Majesty Purple, Aspen (New)

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